We live in a world of mobility, nomadism and fluidity. Travelers, exiles, migrants, tourists, most likely that some of us can recognize him/herself in one of these categories. People, ideas and objects move constantly, appears elsewhere, and it is hard to say what is their origin, and how did they change in that 'traveling'. As a result ,we have a situation in which the model of 'pure cultures' (which denies those travels, different influences, heterogeneities and hybridity of cultures), which use binary divisions is not valid any more. To insist on this 'purity' could be very dangerous because we can fall down in closure end exclusion which can result with a new type of racism, which is not based on biological but cultural differences.

Regarding the notion of culture, this project try to maps this hybridity. To reclaim that some parts of culture belong here as well as there.

About the project:

Political map, as a form of territorial representation, eliminates any subjective position in order to represent 'objectivity'. Also, it is never full because there are always places that are not inscribed. Very often it contains one center per country, usually the capital. The territory and lives being lived within are represented only via the names of these places. The map you are facing on this website is not like those maps. It is an open public space. Everyone has equal right to write a story, a travelogue. It calls you to inscribe places of your choice and your personal experiences. It calls ours collaborative efforts to create a map that depicts a specific geographical territory from subjective, unique points of view-which are yours. You choose what is going to be in.

Map, from its very beginnings was always the result of a movement of a traveler. Its form is given by the look of the one who moves between those destinations and places. You are invited here to write your travel stories, about the places you visited. To write down your story about things that you have found or experienced as strangely familiar in those destination. Things that you have find familiar, understandable and not strange, which have reminded you of your own culture, which are overlapping with your history or what did make you feel like home. Situations that have provoked particular association or memory for you. This map is not based on distances, but similarities and it is purpose is to challenging simplistic stereotypes•.

The interface of project is in English, my 'travel' language. On the contrary you can write your stories in your 'travel' language or the language you prefere.

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